Harmony Institute’s Bully: Social Media Research Report

Following the release of the award-winning documentary Bully (2012), HI undertook an independent study to measure the film’s influence in online social networks. Directed by Lee Hirsch, Bully is a cinematic, character-driven documentary that explores the issue of bullying at the heart of American schools. Embedded in schools and communities, the filmmakers present a personal view of this social issue and showcase the work of those who are fighting for change. Over a five-month period HI followed the response to the film on social networks… Read the full report.

Read more from Harmony Institute.

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The Knight Foundations’s New Approaches to Evaluating Social Innovation

Social innovation by definition is dynamic, as projects hoping to catalyze large-scale change don’t often have a clear beginning, middle or end. For foundations and non-profits interested in making a demonstrated impact, this fact necessitates that they constantly evaluate their efforts and adjust strategies based on what they’re learning.

And yet many traditional approaches to evaluation aren’t effective when it comes to understanding what drives social innovation. A new report, released today by FSG and the Center for Evaluation Innovation, explores the ways many common evaluation approaches constrain innovation, for example, by trying to test a model too early in its development, and fixating on predetermined plans and original metrics that don’t evolve in response to the dynamic context… Read the full report.

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