Opera, Film and Storytelling

The final cycle of the Metropolitan Opera’s Ring of the Nibelung was performed May 4 – 11, including the radio broadcast of Götterdämmerung on Saturday, May 11. Click on the attached video to watch a compelling behind the scenes of the behind the scenes with Wagner’s Dream, and hear from Met Opera General Manager Peter Gelb and filmmaker Susan Froemke in discussion moderated by Vince Stehle about art, media and technology coming together in ever more powerful and profound ways.


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Freedom of the Press Foundation Launches

Notable journalists and free expression advocates today launched the Freedom of the Press Foundation, an organization designed to crowd-source funding for cutting-edge, independent journalism and publishing outlets that expose government and corporate mismanagement, corruption, and law breaking. Read Board member Josh Stearns’ comments on why this is larger than simply a crowd-funding tool.

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Internet regulation: A digital cold war? | The Economist

The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) has always prided itself on being one of the most pragmatic organisations of the United Nations. Engineers, after all, speak a similar language, regardless where they come from. Even during the cold war they managed to overcome their differences and negotiate the International Telecommunication Regulations (ITR), a binding global treaty that even today governs telecommunications between countries. Read more.

More on this topic from The AtlanticHow the UN’s ‘Game-Changing’ Internet Treaty Failed


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The Fight Over PBS Should Be to Broaden Its Scope, Not to Threaten It

Vince Stehle discusses our nation’s startling need for a more robust public media service.

If Big Bird were on the ballot on Election Day, he’d probably win in a landslide.

But in our closely divided partisan election cycle, public broadcasting has once again become a sign of divided government. Sadly, in all the joking and sloganeering, what has gotten lost is a key opportunity to talk about what America really needs: a more expansive public media service.

By injecting public broadcasting into the 2012 campaign, politicians have brought into view just how paltry a sum the federal Treasury provides to public television and radio stations. Read more.

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